Black Theater Workshop: The Stories We Weave

Saturday, February 02, 2013
7:30 PM - 10:00 PM
ST Metcalf Student Experimental Theater
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Performance: Theater or Dance
Kathryn Bentley
Theater & Dance

The Stories We Weave is a collection of student created scenes and vigenettes high-lighting a multi-faceted quilt called life.  Talented actors and dancers bring each tale before our eyes.  Directed by Ashley Bland and co-director, Kristina Cirone, and stage manager Judy Gasse.  Student actors and dancers are: Ashley Miller, Recie Wilson, Lee Edwards, Teryl Thurman, Aaron, Evan, Ashley Melton, Melissa Riley, Rico Velazques, Brian Cooper, Domonique Armstrong, Tatiana McDonald.  Scene writers include: Ashley Bland, Tyson Cole, George C. Wolf, Evan Willmore, and Wes Robinson.  

Fine Arts Box Office Dunham Hall 1042B. 

TICKETS are Free!  Patron needs ticket to be admitted.  

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