All calendar users, requesters and managers have access to view their "Subscriptions" and "Reminders" here.  A "Subscription" is for an entire calendar.  A "Reminder" is for a specific event or series of recurring events.
When you create a Subscription, you will receive an Email or iCalendar feed notification every time an event is added or changed in a given calendar.  Subscriptions are created within a calendar by clicking on the Subscription icon envelope icon for subscriptions, selecting the calendar(s) to which you wish to subscribe, selecting your preferred "Subscription Method", choosing the types of notifications your prefer, and clicking on the "Subscribe" button.  If you wish to cancel a subscription, click on the trash can icon under "Actions".
When you create a Reminder, you will receive an Email reminder, at an interval of time you specify, prior to a specific event.   Reminders are created within the "Event Details" screen for a specific event by clicking on the exclamation point exclamation point icon Reminder icon, selecting your preferred interval, indicating whether you want to be reminded about all occurrences of a recurring event, and clicking on the "Set Reminder" button.  Your reminders will remain here until you delete them by clicking on the trash can icon under the "Actions" column.
To subscribe, select your calendar(s), enter your email address, choose your subscription option and click the Subscribe button. You will be sent an email with a link that will allow you to confirm your subscription.

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