Virtual EMS at SIUE

Welcome to Virtual EMS.  Anyone can use the Browse features of Virtual EMS to:
  • see what is happening on campus in the areas that use EMS (Browse Events)
  • see available space on campus, (Browse Facilities) and
  • check for potential availability of space on any given day at any given time. (Browse for Space)

Only authorized users can log into Virtual EMS to request or reserve space.  For more information about this product and its other components, visit

Scheduling an Event at SIUE:

Requests to reserve a room on campus and/or to request food, equipment, etc., for an event are handled differently for different groups:
  • Student Organizations should contact Kimmel Student Involvement Center; (618) 650-2686
  • External Groups should contact Conferences and Institutes; (618) 650-2660. 
  • SIUE Departments should contact the department responsible for the space they are requesting:
  • Abbott Auditorium, Lovejoy Library - Joan Green, Academic Scheduling; x 5593, all day Monday through Thursday and Friday until noon; OR Joel Knapp , Music Department; x 2024, Friday after noon and weekends.
  • Catering - Pat Apponey, Dining Services; x 3040
  • Distance Learning (video conference) classrooms, Rena Young, Office of Educational Outreach, x 3233.
  • Dunham Hall Music classrooms - Joel Knapp, Music Department; x 2024
  • Dunham Hall Theater - Valerie Goldston, Theater and Dance; x 3112
  • Housing (priority scheduling for Housing staff & residents)
  • ITS Computer Classrooms - Karen Aplin, Information Technology Services; x 5237
  • Korte Stadium & Athletic Fields - Bobby Thomas, Intercollegiate Athletics; x 3271 
  • Metcalf Student Experimental Theater - Valerie Goldston, Theater and Dance; x 3112
  • Morris University Center - Dani Kroencke, Morris University Scheduling Office; x 3001
  • Outdoor Recreation Areas - Tracy Zeigler, Campus Recreation; x 5822
  • RecPlex - Tracy Zeigler, Campus Recreation; x 5822
  • Student Fitness Center - Tracy Zeigler, Campus Recreation; x 5822
  • Pharmacy Lab Building & Pharmacy Rooms at 200 University Park Dr. - Anna Broadfoot, School of Pharmacy; x 5133
  • The Gardens at SIUE - Jane Drake, The Gardens at SIUE, 618-650-3788
  • Technology and Management Center - Anna Broadfoot, School of Pharmacy; x 5133
  • Vadalabene Center (Main Gym and Mezzanines, and Instructional Gym Only) - Bobby Thomas, Intercollegiate Athletics; x 3271
  • Vadalabene Center (Indoor Pool, Racquetball Courts, Group Activity Room, and  Climbing Gym Only) - Tracy Zeigler, Campus Recreation; x 5822

Using Virtual EMS

This site is best viewed in Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.  Only departments listed above are currently using EMS, therefore, only the events scheduled through those departments will appear in Virtual EMS. 

Anyone can access the Browse and Links features in Virtual EMS (VEMS). Mousing over the Browse or Links text at the top of the screen will open a drop down menu of choices for each area. 

  • Browse Events to see what is happening on campus by day, week, or month.  Use the filter features at the top of the screen to narrow your search.
  • Browse Facilities to see available space on campus, along with room capacity by set up type and room features. 
  • Browse for Space to check potential availability of a space on campus for an event you may be planning before you contact the department to reserve that space.

My Account is restricted to preapproved online schedulers in selected departments.  Upon successfully logging in through My Account, (using your e-ID as your user name and the password used to access your SIUE email); preapproved online schedulers should select the appropriate online scheduling request option under Reservations.